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People, Team & Organization Development


You wish to further develop leadership skills in your organisation.

In particular leadership that has an impact on the personal development of your management team. That has an impact on the collaboration between your teams and on the success of your business or your projects.
You want to see results within a few weeks. Lasting results brought about by the right approach.



VisieScope guides the development of leadership at different levels

Our approach allows for the simultaneous development of leadership at personal, team and organisational development. Jointly with our client, we decide the starting point and the focus of the leadership development.

Personal leadership is about personal passion, self-awareness, being your own leader, and having control over your life and work. It is also about being aware of your surroundings, connecting with others, individual performance and personal impact.

Team leadership is about connection with others, collaboration within and between teams, enriching and inspiring each other. It is also about being meaningful for the organisation, clients and staff members. About being and delivering the most important added value.

Organisational leadership is about steering in the right direction, having focus and setting priorities. It is about the right organisational structure, adding value for clients, innovation and long-term results. At this level, VisieScope only coaches individual and collective behaviour as well as processes. Your organisation’s activities and content are, and will remain, yours.


You are unique

Your staff, your organisation and your context are unique. This is why VisieScope customises all its programmes. Each leadership programme, to which VisieScope brings its experience, expertise and best practice, is designed specifically for and with you.


Our coaches are highly experienced leadership developers. Every programme contains inspiring encounters with the most highly regarded experts at well-respected universities, artists from the world of culture, top athletes or energising executives and innovators. Our experienced practitioners help translate the learnings to everyday practice.


Each programme consists of a mix of interventions compiled through co-creation. They include working conferences, workshops, reflection, action-learning, experimentation, coaching, exchanges with other organisations, study trips and so on.


VisieScope selects each of her own location carefully and designs it appropriately for top quality leadership programmes. We draw on the space of our park, the energy of the sea, the tranquillity of the dunes and the dynamism of the city.


Each programme is designed to enable your organisation to lead changes independently after a few weeks and to ensure that further developments are done from within.


Your target group

Management: executives, directors and managers
Highly trained experts: IT specialists, technicians, doctors, lawyers, judges, scientists etc.
Human resources departments: such as Learning & Development, Management Development


Our services

Our services cover all the phases of leadership development.
– Analysis of your development goal.
– Analysis of the context of your organisation in terms of leadership development and the potential for development.
– Design and execution of leadership programmes.
– Embedding leadership programmes in and by your organisation.
– Programme management and project management (if required, we can take these over entirely).


We also coach organisations in the further development and professionalisation of Learning & Development.
– Advice and coaching for and by Learning & Development teams.
– Learning & Development interim-management.


Our track record

The impact of our programmes is evaluated as ‘excellent’ to ‘exceeding expectations’. Since its founding in 2003, VisieScope has undertaken more than 500 leadership journeys in the profit and non-profit sectors. Further, leading organisations (e.g. Adecco, Solvay, Ziggo, the Municipality of The Hague and the Council for the Judiciary) have entrusted VisieScope with the professionalisation and development of their Learning & Development departments.

What our clients value most in us

– Our high level of performance, our approach, academic level and the quality of our coaches.

– Our rejection of off-the-shelf approaches. Everything we do is customised down to the finest details.

– Our ability to recognise and use the strengths, opportunities and potential of individuals and organisations in an approach in which VisieScope makes itself overflowing.


How do we do this?

To retain our identity and character, we consciously set limits to our own growth so that we can immerse ourselves entirely in your organisation, make the best coaches available, make best use of the strengths in your organisation and bring about transformative programmes.


Our approach and the expertise and flexibility of our team allows us to lead large-scale complex leadership programmes. We have plenty of experience with large projects (up to 6,000 participants).


Our vision on transformational leadership and our approach are described in the Transformational leadership: transform your organisation, especially if change is very challenging’ white paper  We would be pleased to share this with you. Contact us for a copy (unfortunately only available in Dutch language at this moment).

See how others have experienced the impact of VisieScope:

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Personal development and inspiration for executives, directors, managers and experts. Programmes and learning that last. See what we offer and find the approach that suits you.


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Accelerate your career, inspire your life


Convince, influence and perform, inall situations


Relax and stretch your mind, body and life


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Where art empowers leadership


At VisieScope’s beating heart is a team of 25 passionate partners, leaders, leadership experts, debate experts, top athletes, professors, trainers, coaches, artists and more. All of them excel in their chosen professions. They are highly motivated and very experienced. It is our different backgrounds that ensure an ever-changing cross-pollination with impact. Together we make the difference..

VisieScope works with Dutch and international universities such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Free University of Amsterdam, INSEAD – France and Stanford University – California – United States of America. We also work with cultural organisations such as the Netherlands String Quartet Academy, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Paris Opera. We invite inspiring leaders to our programmes such as CEOs, innovators, politicians and spiritual keynote speakers.

‘Do you want to change the world, excel in your profession, be ambitious and remain true to yourself? The world starts with you.’
Agnès Kusters  Founder of VisieScope.


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